Industrial Coatings

Airless Spraying

Processes- Airless Spraying airless spraying is one method for the efficient application of paint and protective coatings.

Aireless Spraying

The benifits of airless spraying is that air from the immediate environment, which may have a high moisture content, is not mixed with the paint to create atomisation for spraying. if air is used to atomise paint there is likely to be an element of in-built future corrosion because of the trapped moisture. Atomisation by airless spraying is achieved by compression of the paint by professional plant to form a spray fan.

The high volume application of the pump used means that the apperator is able to coat large areas quickly while achieving neccessary paint thickness to reach the required standards.

Typical applications for airless spraying include


Bridge painting

container painting

intumescent coating

structural steel

farm machinery

Powder coating

Preparation is the key to a long lasting finish and we can offer the following options:

  • Grit and bead blasting
  • Zirconium pre-treatment
  • Primers
  • Specialist masking - intricate masking to protect machined surfaces

All coatings are applied by skilled powder coaters/paint sprayers. Machines cannot give the same attention to detail.


image of powder coated product hanging on a frame
  • Manual application using the latest powder gun technology
  • Oven size (internal dimensions):
    4m x 2m x 2m
  • Special effects
    • textures
    • anti-graffiti
    • anti-bacterial ranges
    • soft touch

Hot Metal Spraying