Dry Ice Blasting

The safe way to clean or remove surface deposits without any media debris, solvent action or damage to the surrounding environment.

What can be cleaned or removed with Dry Ice?

If the substrate is strong enough to resist the effect of the gas generation it will not be damaged or abraded and, because CO2 is chemically inert, there will be no chemical reactions to alter the substrate's surface finish. Also, as sublimation taes place on first impact, there is no secondary impact to cause undesirable effects to the surrounding area or localised equipment, all of which make the process safe and ideal for use in an open environment, and as an in-situ tool cleaner.



Some typical customer applications benefitting from dry ice cleaning:
aircraft components, automotive interiors, classic cars, chemical plant, curing ovens, dirt and grease from machinery, food processing machinery, moulding tools, engines, packaging machinery, plastic casting tools, rubber moulding tools, turbine blades, boiler membrane walls.Dry ice blasting can Also be used for cleaning fire damaged timbers this is becoming a reconised blasting method to Listed propertys.(see photos below)

If in doubt about an application please arrange for us to conduct a trial on our test facility.


dry ice blasting photos - before and after