Car Restoration

We have been working in the car restoration market for a  few years now and have successfully managed to find fine medias and other products to completely strip car bodys without distorting panel work. This method does away with the use of any chemicals that are used in such methods as acid dipping. The advanges of using our method is that with acid dipping, all paint is removed from all over the car even the paint inside sills etc which isnt always a good thing as these areas can rust after time as you are un able to re apply paint in these areas leaving it prone to oxididation. Also after talking to a few people after having there car chemical stripped using acid baths, painting became a problem due to left over acid seeping throw seals in the car etc. Over the last few years we have done alot of cars from beetles to ferrari's examples are in the photos below. 

Being aware that in this field of work blasting panels etc is seen as a MUST NOT that is why many people have their cars Acid dipped. I would like to guarentee this new method we offer is a NEW avenue to look down and holds many advantages, most of all being the price!!!  Please email or ring regarding any work.  


Ferrari Dino

Photos of a Ferrari Dino that was brought into us for a full paint strip using our removal methods.